Hi folks! We are proud to announce the release of LAST CHANCE AT FREEDOM, the new full length album from Nebraska’s own ST. CHRISTOPHER! Eat your heartland out, motherfucker! Buy it now here!
Be on the look out for the new TALES FROM GHOST TOWN full length album coming spring 2013! www.talesfromghosttown.com
And of course¬†we’d like to thank everyone who came together to help make this shit a reality. Shouts to Chuck, Jayme, Sarah, Michelle, St. Christopher, Deadnecks. I’d be fucked without you. Thanks ya’ll! Let’s fuck shit up!
-NH, Sxratch Native Records

3 thoughts on “Home

  1. All I have to say is FUCK YES! Burn up that trail, boys! Congrats on the Page and Upcoming Albums! SXRATCH NATIVE 4 LIFE!! Holla!

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